Chances are if your reading this you want to learn how you can successfully post ads on Craigslist. Craigslist can be used to sell just about anything online.

You can find just about anything on there that you’re looking for. Craigslist is one of the most visited sites on the web. It gets millions of hits each and ever month. So you can see why this site is so powerful if you understand how to use it correctly. So how do you post ads with success and see results?

Step one – First you will want to create about 20 – 30 email accounts. A good place to do so would be places such as,How To Post Ads On Craigslist Step by Step Articles, and All of these allow you to create emails very quickly and with almost no effort.

Step two – Create 5 Craigslist accounts. You will want to create an account so when you post ads you do not have to verify your ad. This will help speed up the time it takes to post ads. Always remember when posting on Craigslist you want to be fast.

Step three – Create 20 – 30 different URL’s. I suggest you buy a domain name from godaddy for a few dollars and then create a bunch of sub domain names. Godaddy will allow you to create up to 90 sub domain names with using just one domain name. So you could make up to 90 different URL’s if you had the time, but you only need about 20 – 30.

Step four – Write up a very short ad. Do not craigslist personals try to sell something just make it short and sweet our only goal is to get people to click on our link. Once you made your ad body create one headline to use with it.

Step five – Now that we have the ad body and our headline. Next log into just one of your accounts you made.

Step six – Take your ad body and your headline that you created and start to post to 20 or more cities. Make sure in each new city you post in you use a new URL and one of the 20 – 30 email addresses we made up.

Its very imporant that you try to change your IP address when posting ads to Craigslist at least every 5 or so ads. If you do not do this you might as well not even post your ads.

After your done posting give it about 15 – 30 minutes and then you can check to see how many of your ads where posted with success. If you did it correct and followed my directions step by step you should see great results.