Stress management – Can office massage really help?

The recent debate over sicknotes and well notes has highlighted the issue yet again. So why are employers not cracking the stress problem?

Two camps:

Employers who attempt to deal with stress fall into two camps: ‘the box ticker’ and ‘the enlightened’.

Stress is really no different from the diversity agenda: at one end of the spectrum it is about presenting statistics if the need arises at the other,Stress management - Can office massage really help? Articles it is about productivity and the retention of staff.

The box ticker has the policy, and may have conducted an audit indicating the key causes of stress in the workplace (and pity the employer who conducts the stress audit, gathers the evidence and then does nothing about it). But a dusty policy without life breath in an organisation is not worth the paper it is written on.

The enlightened, meanwhile, has adopted 청담동마사지 stress management initiatives such as corporate massage and office massage that are much more creative and go to the heart of performance management and the culture of an organisation.

Some of the more interesting initiatives include:

Office massage – having a masseuse visit the office will not only relieve employee stress, but is also a great morale booster

Holiday monitoring – ensuring that staff are taking at least the Working Time Regulations minimum

A formal relationship with stress counsellors or occupational health for referral purposes

On-site gyms or gym sponsorship – often tied to monitored gym usage

Duvet days – up to two days per year as personal time.